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Suggestions For Hand, Forearm Health?

Wicked Willie

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I have a recurring problem with my extensors. (At least I THINK that's the problem)

Everytime I seem to be making some decent progress in grip training, my extensors bug out on me....about 2 1/2 inches down my forearm from my elbow.

After reading the FAQ, I've started wrist roller training, using a 1 1/2" piece of PVC tubing on my power rack pin. I roll up and down, usually about three trips using only 25 or 35 pounds. I roll both forward using my flexors and backwards using my extensors. Now, my extensors really bug me.

They are starting to bother me when I do vertical bar deadlitfs, they bother me when I use gripppers. I've tried extended rest, muscle rubs and Tiger Balm. I train my extensors, using manual resistance and bands.

I'm no stranger to grip work...have always used department store grippers. I closed the Trainer for 25 reps right handed and about 15 left handed right out of the wrapper. After a short rest, I closed the #1 for 10 right and about 5 left, also out of the wrapper.

I train my grip 2-3 times weekly and I try to vary the workout and equipment used each time I workout, never repeating the same workout in the same week,

Am I over-trained? (BTW, I'm fifty.)

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Hard to say. Perhaps lay off for a little while, see how you feel, come back.

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You may need to do some direct extensor work to cure that. I suggest going to Staples or another office supply store and get some thick heavy elastic bands and start trying to open your fingers against that resistance, it should atart eliminating that pain soon.

Or go to the IM site and look up the IM extensor bands they come in different colors for different strength levels.

Ohhh. I see you have done that too, maybe do it more consistently and possibly add wrist extensors.

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