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              "HANDS OF STEEL"

Date: 21st December 2002

Venue: TBA-Sydney

Entry Fee: $30

All rules will be given on the day of the competition for each lift. Bodyweight, age and sex allowances will be used, allowing everyone to compete together on equal footing.


1. Gripper lift.

Using an Ironmind Trainer, #1 or #2 squeeze the handles shut with a shoelace trapped between the handles and attached to weight at the end. The most weight lifted wins. You must be stood upright at the finish of the lift. The arm can be straight or bent but the weight must be lifted clear of the ground and held for a count. Wait for the head referees signal to put down.

2. Two Hands Pinch.

Using a 2" thick pinch block with fine grade skateboard tape on the gripping surface. Raise the weight off the floor. The body must be erect and the knees locked but the shoulders do not have to be back. Wait for a signal to lower the weight.

3. Plate Curl.

Curl a 5, 10, 15 or 20kg plate. Weight will be added to the plates via a rod through the middle. Performance of the curl will be strictly judged. A minor sway is allowed but no pure 'cheat' motion. The legs must stay straight throughout.

4. 2 1/2" Dumbell Deadlift.

Rule for this lift are the same as a regular One Arm Deadlift. Grasp the 'bell and lift either in the straddle style or in front like a normal deadlift. Lift the weight so the bar is above the knees and locked out. The shoulders do not have to be back. Wait for the signal to put the 'bell down.

5. One Hand Rim Lift.

Using a 20kg plate, lift the weight by the rim using the end of the fingers. The thumb can be in contact with the plate too. Extra weight will be added via a loading pin. The weight can be picked up anyway (front, side) and must be held up until the signal is given to put down.

6. Reverse Curl.

Using a regular Olympic bar the weight must be lifted from an overhand grip in the standing position to a full curl position. Again this will be judged very strictly.

7. Farmer's Walk/Hold.

This event is yet to be set in stone but it will be one version of the Farmer's Walk.

If you have any questions regarding this competition please post them here or over at www.smartstrength.com,


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Nick, I just added this to the main grippage news.

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