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Nail Bending

Todd Kartchner

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Aside from John Brookfield's suggested exercise (using a 1/4" rope attached to a bucket with wt progressively added), how should one go about developing the specific, vice-like grip strength necessary to bend nails?

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Simply by bending small nails and preogress gradually. Go from smaller nails to bigger ones and so on.

I you bend rods, start with longer rods and cut the rod length progressively.

I started with a 8" CRS 1/4 and I now bend a 60d nail or a 6" CRS 1/4.

Cover your hands with soem kind of clothes.

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I think wrist strength is more important than grip strength for nail bending.  At least for me it is the limiting factor.  When you fail on a bend do your fingers come loose, does your wrist bend, or do you lack the upper body strength to complete the bend ?  I think that sledge hammer leveraging (especially to rear) is the most useful exercise in building the wrist strength to bend nails. I also perform plate wrist curls. You might observe that such noted steel benders as Tom Black, David Horne and Slim Farman have exceptionally strong wrists.  I wonder how good Mobsterone (world record holder in Weaver stick to rear) is at nail bending ?

       You also need the tricep and pectoral strength to crush down the nail and finish the bend.  So far, I have been able to readily crush down anything I can bend.  As I progress beyond Ironmind Blue, I may need to develop more strength for the crushdown.

       As Tou noted, protect your hands !  I  have had to miss a few bending work outs from bruised hands in my brief bending career (3 months).  Like in weight lifting, if your form is loose you risk injury.  Take care in performing a new PR.


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