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Finger Lifts---Painful

Todd Kartchner

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I rigged a device for finger lifts by running a thin chain with S-hooks on either end through weight plates and then attaching the hooks to a key ring.  Since I am just beginning these lifts, I was cautioned to start gradually as tendons/ligaments can be strained quite easily from this position.  I only used 25lbs (10 reps per finger), and let me tell you, the little metal ring really digs into your fingers.  I may try to rig a "finger harness" out of webbing or leather to make it less painful.  I'm hoping my overall grip strength will really see benefits from the extra attention each of my fingers is receiving.

--Todd Kartchner

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As Sybersnott has said, "Some pain is good."  But it all depends on the type of pain.  I would definitely add some padding to the keyring.  There are implements you can purchase to do the same thing, but if you can do it for free, that's better still.  Welcome, and best luck to ya.


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Be very carefull, and build up slowly. I don't do these individual finger lifts anymore after I nearly tore my little finger off (down to my tendons) when I was lifting 90kg with my right pinkie. The doctor stitched it back together and was amazed (or alarmed!) at what I had been doing.

Have fun, and be CAREFUL.


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David's right.  Unless you've had some practice before, or you have been grip training on a regular basis.... BE CAREFUL.  They put a tremendous strain on your tendons, and when you add weight it becomes a very painful lift.  BTW, welcome to the GripBoard!!  :)

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