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Forearm Sleeves For Stone Lifters

Rick Walker

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Try this link: Anderson's

They ofer kevlar, nylon, and leather forearm sleeves. I am not sure how the kevlar or the nylon will work, but i just dropped a grand total of $6.10+shipping for a pair of 14" kevlar sleeves with thumb holes and no-slip on them. If they hold up and work with tacky, you can't beat that price!

The leather ones are only $18.50 a pair and are adjustable with velcro straps.


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Will do. I cant see how they would not?


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I can get those same exact kevlar sleeves at work.I'll try them out.Thanx for the idea Rick.You might have to tape the ends from slipping with athletic tape.They feel just like real thick cotton type fabric.They use them to protect from heat,and flames in the steel mill.Very strong,and durable stuff.They are worn under gloves.I can also get kevlar gloves.

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