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An Influx


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Its great to see an influx of new benders since the start of the new year.

Without being big headed its nice to no were i am now and where i was,i remember attending the 2002 British nail bending championships and we where bending 60ds braced and Pat and the likes where bending g5s and this was considered an elite bend.Pat then set the standard as he does now in short bar bending and through emails and the gboard etc myself and other Brits slowly evolved from braced short steel bending to where we are now.WOW :rock 2 more bastard certs and you wont be able 2 make erics top 50 list unless you bend harder than a 5/16"x7"crs bastard bar.

We all had/have to start somewhere and look where alot of are now.i used to think a standard red would be the tops for me,now i want to climb the bastard certs ladder.

This year for the big guns in Magnificent and Insane Bends,Big g5s and Big g8s phew where will it stop.

The journey is along and Painfull one but enjoyable all the same.

45 in a couple of months and i will have to give myself a nice painfull birthday present :)

once again its nice to see all the new benders starting on there own journeys,may it be along,painfull :yikes and enjoyable one.

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45 in a couple of months and i will have to give myself a nice painfull birthday present :)

So will it be 45 Grade 8s, dare I say Reds? Who know with your progress man... Keep it up man.

I am also pleased with the increase in benders on the board and else where. Motivating and keeps the fires stoked with fuel!!! My hat is off to you who are veterans and new comers alike :bow


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