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Sledge Hammers


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Hey guys & gals, check out the new grip tip of the month.    grip tip of the month  I always like it when someone let's me know, so I'm returning the favor.  Does anyone know what Brookfield is up to these days?  I don't here much about him anymore?  Maybe he is working on a training video, I wish.   :)

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Brookfield is the man. Try to do a clean and press with two hammers without breaking any finger or your wrists.

I'll have to try this exercise one of these days.  :crazy  ???  :0

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 With your crushing ability-you have to be able to handle atleast 2-8 pounders.  After our KTA, give it a try-you will be surprised-

Rick Walker :hehe

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Rick, I can hold together two 8 pound hammers but it would be quite a thing to put it overhead like Brookfield does. You have to crush like  :crazy in the  cleaning part. I haev little hands so if I don't crush it very hard, the hammers go to the sides and that's something rough for the fingers.

Anyway, I'll try it when I'll be certified on the #3. Don't want to risk to break a finger until then.

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