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What's The Best Technique To Generate Highest Rpms


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New to powerballing and was wondering what methods you guys use to generate maximal speeds....as well as the type of programs you follow?.


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get it reved up with the opposite hand your getting a score with. like if your using your right, get it going pretty fast with your left then swithch to your right and give it hell. start with wider circles and as you spin it faster lessen the size of the circles untill it is basically an all wrist movement.

also, play around with it, find out how you like to hold it. the position of your hand on the ball and having the gyro face out or towards your palm. for me in my right hand the gyro faces out and in my left it is facing my palm... don't know why. i also used to constantly change little things about my method but i have not had a powerball in months so maybe when i finally get a new one my style will change. good luck :rock

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