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Carpal Tunnel


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I have my own thoughts here, but I was wondering what the largest group of grip specialists thought about treating carpal tunnel and training. I've heard things like the powerball are helpful, but I was wondering if anyone had any more information or recommendations...

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A few ideas to keep CTS to a minimum:

A lot more rest between grip workouts.

Take your time going up in strength.

A lot more stretching.

Consider loose-fitting wrist splints at night.

Avoid mittens or socks on your hands at night.

Regular cardio & a smart diet to keep your weight and blood pressure in check.

Never train through numbness or pain -- CTS is caused by inflammation, and inflammation will get worse if you train through it. CTS can become chronic.

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I should clarify that it isn't something I am experiancing, but rather a female athlete (41 y/o) that has been weightlifting for about 2 years now. She has done light grip training (wrist roller, etc) and is a nurse by profession.

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Very similiar symtoms can come from neck and upper back problems. Try Yoga - chiropractic or other stretching modules as well as the hand and wrist treatments normally used. We have (had) a basket weaving plant nearby with very high rates of problems - and it turned out this was as many of the problems found that were diagnoised as CTS as the actual CTS itself.

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Finger extensions with rubber bands - lots and lots and lots of them - really helped me when I had some carpal tunnel problems... that plus laying of the heavy gripping for a while.

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