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Yo guys...shortly after your help in my little Grade 8 thread....I took your advice and cut down a grade 8 bolt to 5.5" and the first initial kink went well....but getting it from the kink to start the crushdown (I call this the middle) was very tough...the crushdown went very well once I got it to where I could get my hands around the sucker!!! I think I can actually get the 5 inch Grade 5 now.....I am going to rest over the weekend and hit another red nail head on on monday and see where I stand!! If it doesnt go down at least I will have a good NEGATIVE bending session lol.... :trout

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Congratulations, Troy! Go get that 5 incher!

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Congrats, very nice bend.

Btw, the 'middle' part is called sweep.

Keep it up.

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Thanks for the replys guys....My shoulders and especially my wrists are fried from yesterday.....I must have bent around 15 pieces of steel before the 5.5 grade 8....and I must say it actually feels nice to be sore from bending.....I just realized that I have to start bending more stuff that is alot harder than just doing volume!! Im taking this weekend off and I will try and hit the 5 inche Grade5 and maybe try the red again!!

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