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Few Questions And Comments


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So, I bought the HG 100 & 150. I can close the 150 already with both hands.

I purchased Mastery of Hand Strength & The Grip Master's Manual from Amazon today.

I plan on purchasing some of the extensor bands from IM.

Since I can only do a few reps at a time on the 150 I know I can use it for work sets but I need a goal gripper to play with too (at least this is what I've seen so far on the boards, etc.). Also I've read a few complaints about the HG grippers here. So, I'm not sure what gripper to get next. Would a #1 be too small of a jump from the 150? I'm torn too because I can almost get 2 HG for the price of either a CoC or BB...

Also, my left hand is considerably weaker than my right. So far I am doing reps on my left hand and matching that on my right even though my right could do more reps. I'm hoping that will help my left catch up with my right some. Is this the smart thing to do ?

I plan on trying to make my own equipment for other stuff like wrist rollers, blobs, wrist curls, etc. I'm hoping that some information on doing this will be in the books I've purchased. I'll also continue to scour the internet.

This is getting long, sorry I'm rambling. I'll post more questions later in this thread.


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the 150 is slightly easier than the #1 and the 200 is slightly harder than the #1. If I were you I would go with a Trainer, #1, and #2 from Ironmind.com. I think the #1 would be alittle challenging, but the #2 could be your goal gripper. You can also go the route of Beef Builder Super advanced which is in between the #1 and the #2. They say if you use HG grippers...just take the number (150) and subtract 50 from it and that should be around the range of the poundage. I have only felt a HG 100 and an HG 200 and that feels pretty right.

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Some HG200s are easier than a #1, some harder. So the next step above the HG150 could be an HG200, #1 or a BBA. Whichever one you pick is a matter of taste. I like the Beef Builders best, but YMMV.

The lefty/righty thing: for me, the balance thing has either been an aesthetic issue (looking balanced for bodybuilding) or a functional thing (having one leg stronger than the other isn't really useful). So for my hands, I've continued to train each at its own pace. That means my right hand has stayed stronger than my left. They don't look any different (and I wouldn't care if they did), and I don't see any functional benefit of making my right hand wait for my left to catch up... so I just train both hard, and my right hand is still stronger than my left, but both have made progress.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the input guys.

I think just because I can do it for pretty cheap, I'm going to continue up with the HGs. I can get the 200, 250, & 300 for $40.

Then maybe in a few months I'll shell out for the CoCs, a #1 & #2.

I'm looking forward to getting the books, I hope there's alot of good info in there.

I just skimmed through Combat Training (found a link on here somewhere), there is some good training info in there it seems. I also DLd "Closing Big Grippers" by Heath Sexton. I haven't read it yet.

I need to learn more about this choking, setting, overcrushing, & filing business...

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You are on the right track: those books alone are so informative about grip training, that person without internet access would have all the essential information about develeping strong grip just by following John Brookfields advice. Those books aren't very detailed about grippers, but hand strength isn't all about grippers, as you propably allready know, as you are planning to make bunch of training tools yourself. You'll learn a lot by reading and through experience.

Good luck, don't try to do too much in the beginning, stay healthy and make steady progress.

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Good job on getting the rest of the HG's, i would have recommended that anyways, just so you can have more of a variety... the CoC #1 is actually a bit harder or about the same as the HG200....even though there is some variety....train with those new HG's and then go ahead and order some CoC's !!! they rock! :rock

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So I got my new grippers in the other day and of course I tore them open immediately.

I closed the 200 pretty easily with both hands. I am ~1/8 of an inch to closing the 250 with my right hand and a little more off closing with my left. I am glad that I bought all 3.

My books should come soon I think.

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I am about where you are - working with about the same grippers. My goal is the COC #2. I also got Brookfield's book which I really dont like but does have some ideas for exercise.

I started with a below average grip and have been training for about 18 mos. The other day a friend of mine came by to do some metal work in my garage and I had him close the grippers. He can get the #2 almost closed and his pinch grip is at least as good as mine - plan to test that more thoroughly next time he visits.

Anyways, I was disgusted. I am generaly quite a bit stronger than he is and I have been working *hard* on my grip - he has never done a lick of grip training. "Oh", he tells me, "its from my dad - he has forearms like Popeye". So I ask "What does he do for a living? " "He's an accountant!"

'tisnt fair! <sob!>

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I think part of the reason my grip is strong without having much gripper training is because of my rockclimbing background.

I have figured out, however, my wrists are REALLY weak. I can't wrist curl much at all.

I'm going to invest in an 8lb sledge soon and start some levering.

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