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Atlas & Hardy Handshake for sale(in NJ)


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Anyone interested in the PDA Atlas or IM Hardy Handshake, I am selling them both. They are about a year old and in mint condition. Atlas will be $100.00 and HH for $50.00(plus shipping).  My G-Rex has bumped them both!

                                            NJ Gripman

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Unfortunately, I have both the atlas and the HH, so I'm not interested in buying them, However Could you comment on Training with the G-Rex?  Not much has been posted about this machine lately.

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To Riotgrip,

                      The G-Rex is the most versatile grip machine on the market. You can train all 3 aspects of your grip on it(pinching,crushing and negative holds). The footpads are a stroke of genius(ala Mr. Sorin). Instead of loading plates on and off, you just stand on it and bang......two hand negative holds. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

                                                     John D.

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Guest baldy

My favorite aspect of the GREX is the pinch ears. They stay parallel throughout the entire ROM, making them feel like plates. Also you can pinch wide, narrow, whatever you want.

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