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More Photos to Grip Training British Style!

Bill Piche

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Guest baldy

Good pics, Scott. Thanks for sharing (again). Glad to see the picture of your 2 hand pinch, as well as Jim's WR vertical bar lift. Impressive.

David, I am really liking the looks of your setup there. The kegs and stones really spice the place up, also the chin bar behind the lifting platform is a nice touch. The skull and crossbones spray painted on one of the kegs has that "Steve Justa feel" to it. :)

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It's a great garden. My girlfriend says it looks like a railway yard with all the stones, gravel and the lifting platform made from wooden railway sleepers. But then my girlfriend is Elizabeth so she doesn't mind, and in fact has helped to create the 'garden'. For those coming to the Grip champs they will be able to see all the equipment, the cellar and the garden, and take notes on anything they want to possibly duplicate. If not, I wrote an article on the chin bar apparatus in the recent issue of Iron Grip.

Jim sprayed the 'justa' skull and crossbones on the barrel. Whilst we are talking about Jim, this is someone who WILL be the champion, his progress is alarming!!!!


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David's right about Jim's progress, he just seems to be flying on every event he tries at the moment. Yes, David's garden is great for training, but does resemble the afore-mentioned railway yard (I like grass and flowers). Why doesn't someone post a flattering picture of me for a change!?

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I don't think that a flower bed would last very long in Dave's back Garden with all the rocks and barrels that get thrown around ;)

Thanks for the kind words guys but I think I'll have to wait until the likes of Horne, Daly and Gardner sign up for thier pensions before I'll have a shot at the 'title' ;). Then there's always the danger of Mckinless making the trip from Oz and Jason Horne making his way up through the ranks to the open section ???

I think a lot of people will be surprised with Elizabeth's performance in this years champs.  All of my lifts will have to be my best if I have a chance of beating her this year :(.

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