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Wrist Roller Help


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Ive got myself a 10lbs wrist roller, and tonight idid 20 rolls, 10 flexor, and 10 extensor, and i could really feel this working my forearms, this feels like it will be the most beneficial to my forearm size along with gripping, but how often should i do the 20 rolls?

also how beneficial how you found wrist rolling to be? and what weight did you use? also does it only fdo the forearms or what else does it do? thanks alot folks.

Much appreciated.

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Cool....i do wristwroller after every workout...it really helps like stabalize everything....and that pain in your wrist will go away after they get stronger from the roller...Good idea

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If you want, you can do something (duct tape, towel, etc.) to make the wrist roller fatter, and that will bring your grip strength into play a little more. John Brookfield had a great tip on Ironmind a few months ago about using a heavier weight, letting the weight sit on the ground, and rolling it up with the weight dragging on the ground. Hard stuff.

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You could gradually make it harder by adding a layer of duct tape every workout. Good way to make progress.

Stick to it. It's a very good exercise for total development of your hands, wrist and forearms, especially if you gradually make your roller thicker.

Vary your loads. Sometimes go heavy, do less. Sometimes take it easier.

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I just started wrist rolling as well. Good tip with the duct tape..I am definitely going to have to try that. Plus it makes the equipment look hardcore haha.

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