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Kentucky Strongestman Competition

Guest Jeff Roark

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How can they base a "strongman" contest on JUST four events??  ???

Like the forum it came from.... I'll probably visit there again!!

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Guest OoklaTheMok

I can base a 'strongman' contest on three events: the axle or log clean and press, the atlas stones, and the heavy harness pull.

Everyone out to try one sometime, it's not as easy as it looks on TV.  You start to go 6 events or more, and it becomes a battle of attrition.  A lot of guys will get hurt along the way, and if not substantively injured *that day* they will have microtrauma that will keep them from training for two weeks.

Also, FYI, while some people hear the word "strongman" and hearken back to the days of yore, imagining some German immigrant in a small, furry pair of trunks and gladiator sandal-boots doing a continental clean and jerk with a weight that would not get him a national ranking in the 75kg women's snatch nowadays, "strongman" has become a 'sport', as specific as powerlifting or basketball.  Some people who would call themselves 'purists' don't like that, and think events should be ever-changing or random, or more static or more speed, and on and on.  Like it or not, though, events are largley standardized and there is a body of common usage.  The 4 events in this contest are going to be seen all over the country this summer in amateur contests in order to qualify people for NASM.

Four events have been enough for the qualifying rounds of a lot of pro contests, and it will likely suit a local amateur contest just fine.  Additionally, I am sure that Ernie will do a great job with the contest and everyone will get all they can handle that day.

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Guest Jeff Roark


I look foward to going and mingling with all the athletes. I look foward to maybe getting a chance to introduce myself to Ernie Simpson. I just learned that he is so close to me, only 2 hours away. He invited me to come up and train with him in Nicholasville. I am going to make arrangements and try to get up there and see what it feels like to do some of these events. I guess I am going to have to get to making me some implements. I have your stone making article archived. Jason do you think one could get the same benefit from lifting odd shape stones? If so I will just collect me a bunch of those as there are millions of good ones here thanks to the strip mines. I would like to get some ideas Jason on ways to make cheap implements that would be good enough to train one for one of these amatuer contests. I have a fairly decent base, but I am still recovering from surgury late last year. I say still recovering because certain odd movements hurt pretty bad. I am making progrees though. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Guest omegapower


I am gonna be there and compete. Ernie said he expects a lot of entries from Georgetown College, an hour north of Lexington. It will be a lot of fun and a challenging contest. Go ahead and enter, it will be a blast.  Also definitely go train with BIG Ernie, you'll have a great time.

Clint Poore

Philippians 4:13&20

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