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What Types Of Levering?


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I started levering a while ago, but was wondering what you DO benders do for levering. What different levers do you do for overall wrist strength, but focusing on mainly DO bending lever exercises?

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I don't bend DO very often but from what I have done both DO and DU, levering is a training exercise to make it so you can lock you wrists. In both cases you need to be able to lock your wrist straight otherwise you will mess them up big time. So all levering is important irregardless of your style.

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:D In all our bending training levering has never featured,the two things that brought our wrist strength up massively were to bend,bend everything you can most days,and Kettlebell Training if you have or can get some i would highly recommend them as an overall strength and fitness builder,brilliant for the wrists!


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