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Well - I Finally Did It...


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We were at the gym, finishing up a workout, and Jedd pulled out a pack of REDs. Both him and Eli hit easily hit one, Eli in leather and Jedd in cordura.

Eli had another one wrapped up in leather and I told him to give it to me - so I could jokingly try it. At the end of the workout we were doing kettlebell snatches for reps and my shoulders were really warmed up - so I figured, why not try the RED.

Did not hit any warmup bends and haven't bent in I don't know when...But, I layed into it and it started bending. I couldn't believe it...took me a couple of minutes to finish it. The first sweep took me down to about 90 degrees and the bend was way off center. But, I finished it and I was psyched.

Want to thank everyone on the Gripboard and in my Crew. Just for the record, I did it with leather and DO.

Maybe a RED cert is in the future, but I hadn't thought much about bending until I hit that RED today - so we'll see.

Thanks for listening....I'll get a picture up of the bend later today...

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Way to go Smitty! That's unreal - I never heard a word about you being a BIG bender!

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:rock Smitty :rock

That is great news man. I new you had it in you! I remember reading your posts from way back when you and Jedd were training and posting the workouts and you say Jedd had smacked you and handed you a Grade 5 and said something like now get that Bitch! So glad you have that Red down. You have that metal red block out and now it seems a lot easier doesn't it? Greg told me a while back when I bent my first red that it would seem like a mental block ad once you hit one red you no longer fear them and know that in the next battles with steel you will be the victor. Great job man. Great job!


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Congrats Jim.

Another major milestone. :rock

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Nice Work.

I guess you managed to see some carryover from other training?

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Thanks everyone.

Soil - bent off and on for the first 2 years off grip training - nothing steady - was stuck at G8. This is the first time I've bent in about a year.

Doc - over the last year or so, been working on overhead press a lot, that and everyone else seeming on the board dominating REDs over the last year. I believe I've had the strength the bend it for some time now, but today, it seems I was able to get the right groove.

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Great job Jim! :mosher:bow

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Now this is a phenomenal story for the fact you have not bent in a year and even then was stuck at the Grade 8 only to come back and slay the Red Dragon. :blink

Smitty this is a motivating tale of what the mind and muscle can achieve when the mental limitations are wiped clean and obstacles kick out of the way. :flame


"People what ever the man is doing is working so get his script"


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