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Pain After Bending


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My friend challenged me to bend 25 60-d nails in less than 5 minutes and the winner of us will get 150 dirhams(which is almost 50 dollars). i did 14 DU and 7 DO and 4 with my leg help. but he did the number 25 in less time than i did(damn he got the money). but now above my both heels of my hands i have this pain that i can't describe exacty what it is. i think because of the huge pressure it did this to me. anyone knows what should i do?


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It's probably just from wear and tear. Gamidon has pictures in his gallerey where he actually has skin hanging off the heals of his hands from trying to bend (I thin it was) 100 reds consecutivly. try ice baths for your hands or contrast baths. If it doesn't start to feel better in five days, you need to have it looked at. Don't bend in the meanitme.

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:D suck it up if its just bending pain there will be more to come :cry,anything more serious see the Doc,but pain and bending goes hand in hand,just depends how much you want it! :flame
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Ice and rest man. Bending by nature is hard on the body. If that was your first shot at higher volume then it may just be a bone bruise so don't sweat it. Ice and rest it and see how it feels in a week or so.


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Thanks guys

i will put ice and go to rest :D

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