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Did That Take To Long


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Well I have been grip training ever sense the arnold classics. I saw the Met Rx stands and the COC and HG grip stands and figured I had to get into it. Mainly by next year I want to be able to go there and compete a little. Anyway. When I was there I bought a set of 3 grippers. HG150-200-250. I got a great deal and could not afford the COCs. The first day I had them I could close the 150 about 15 right handed. and the 200 about 6. Couldnt even get much closee then about 1/2 inch with the 250. Now I know they are not accurate and all the same but it took me until just yesterday to slam the 250. Now is that to slow of progress? It seems now that I closed it I can close it a couple times a day. I am going to buy the COC 3 and start working on that. Did that take me to long?

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thats fine progress, didn't take you long at all.

if your getting a #3 you may want to get a #2 while your at it, they are usually a step up from the hg250.

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As long as your moving forward :rock

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Genetics, the amount of work you put in, the rate at which your body recovers, how you eat, and many other things will determine how long it takes.

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