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I have a crush training idea

Nathan Say

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I know this has been done before so nobody say I'm an idea stealer. I read about Jim Wylie's training in his CoC Milo writeup & it said he used blocks of different thicknesses between the handles in his training. Same sort of thing as with strapholds, but with a block. I think he said it was David Horne's idea. Anyway I was thinking of ways to add weight while doing that & remembered that stir sticks from my local paint stores are fairly thin pieces of wood (they look like big popsicle sticks), & they've each got a little hole in one end that a piece of string or a shoelace could be threaded through to grip between the handles. Now, using that progressive distance idea that William Boone, Paul Anderson, Brooks Kubik, Peary Rader & all the rest used to bust through plateaus. Start with a few of those stir sticks bunched together, keep adding weight & when a certain amount is reached, take one stir stick away to make the bunch thinner & do it again. Maybe work Steve Justa's singles plans in there somehow & I think somebody will be closing their 'Moby Dick' gripper overnight! (I haven't tried this yet but I think it would work ossum)

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