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Top 50 Euro Pinch Only Contests

Mikael Siversson

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More pinch contests please (and vbar contests)! David Horne holds the WR in both pinch only contests and in overall grip contests. Wannagrip could we perhaps have this pinned?

1. David Horne, England	  109.2k BPLC 2006
2. Jim Wylie, England 84.3k BPLC 2006
3. Dave Johnson, England 78.8k BPLC 2006
4. Jason Horne, England 73.6k BPLC 2006
5. Maxwell Thompson, England 71.5k BPLC 2006
6. Gary Hunt, England 66.3k BPLC 2006
7. Mike Doolash, England 54.8k BPLC 2006

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Not sure how to rank David's 109.4k set on Peter Horne Memorial Grip Strength Day. The previous record is 109.2k and I think in OL and Powerlifting you have to beat the current record by at least 0.5k.

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Either way the list needs updating for 2007 (all those above are last years) - where's my 99+ done at the same event on 2HP and 173.5 done on the v-bar only event (both same day)? Plus you've just ranked Martin (111 at LGC 2007)) above David (109+ BPLC) and so David cannot hold the record in all round grip competitions - an updated list will reflect that.

Regarding the .5-kilo ruling. Check out all the other complied lists etc. You may or may not have thought of that when the rules were created, edited and updated. Given our lack of a ruling body (and the various arguments over the last 12 months) it's a bit much to suggest such a rule now. It should be, as per previous comments of mine, by general consent. I trust this was what was meant by your asking (if not directly) the question.

I think you'll find that there was a number of reasons why the .5 kilo rule was used elsewhere. The simplest was the smallest plates used are the 1.25-kilo plates and so the smallest increment up is .5-kilos. The rule was made so as to overcome any difference in what the plates markings stated and what they weighed after a successful WR attempt (vis caibration etc). That said it is abused by the majority of lifters. In many weight sports there is an incentive (money) for breaking a world record and the sensible needy athletes regardless of how much they could have lifted would break a record by the minimum required to win and or get a medal and thus a reward (it is said that's how Mark Henry got through college). It's very rare to see records properly smashed. We only have the kudos and so some records get smashed and others just broken. If we add the .5-kilo rule we will - with some lifters - see a slowing down of records. Sod that.

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The Peter Horne Memorial contest was never advertised as a standard allround grip competition but rather as a series of individual championships, so the pinch results are therefore compared to those set under similar circumstances.

The vbar results are not considered for any of my record lists as this event was adverticed much too late (about one week before the contest rather than the widely? accepted one month).

There was a general agreement amongst organisers that events have to be advertised well in advance of a competition in order to qualify for records etc.

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Most of the above are, of course entirely different points from the one you made earlier. There is one reason for advertizing any event a reasonable time and that is to attract enough competitors and for no other reason. Under the 'rules' elsewhere the terms were that a proper competition required (subject to late drop outs) at least five competitors - those conditions were met. Any ruling made was made with this in mind - not to be taken in isolation. Giving one month or more notice be that for a v-bar event or pinch event was to allow for sufficent numbers to compete and (please quote from such posts otherwise) and not for record keeping purposes.

The similar cicumstances you suggest apply to the pinch only competition are limited to how many other examples? I haven't checked but I'm fairly sure it consist of Davids for sure, possibly one German event and one American event. I don't recall any other. Hence the majority of events to which you could have compared are David's own events.

As per my earlier suggestion the .5-kilo rule doesn't apply - you list many examples where .10 is listed. Earlier record holders may have had their attempts listed where .5-kilos or more was not applied. As before it also restricts attempts. Esp if the weights used, once calibrated, do not allow for it.

Furthermore the v-bar can take standard 1" bore plates and so unlike any bar where weight is added evenly to either end (and the pinch can be back or front loaded anyway) and where .5 is the minimum on a v-bar you could add .25 if so desired.

Finally because the majority of competitions use less than competition quality sets (is it not the case that ONLY the LGC do so?? - even such sets are usually only accurate to within 20 grams per disc) all plates used in any event will be 'off'? Ergo it is impossible, if we adhere to the calibration rule accepted by all, to balance any double ended bars 100% accurately and to within .5-kilos or more.

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