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I'm going to start bending a little bit but I don't know what to start with. All i have around here is home depot..I asked my dad about HRS, timber ties, or G2 bolts. He said he knows of a bolt store down the road..He doesn't know what hot rolled steel or timber ties are, and i don't know if they sell them. Do they? and if not, is there a easy bolt to start with?

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Home Depot (has CRS). I have bought a considerable amount there. You will need a saw or bolt cutters though. Timber ties can often be found at HD as well. It's a 6" nail that has kind of a square shape to it but has been twisted seveal times so the word spiral comes to mind. I think a 30lb bucket is like $40. I fhave found them to be mroe challenging that Iexpected and very inconsistent. The G2 bolts will be easily found at your bolt store anything lighter than that they may not have. If you are still having trouble, I ordered aFat Bastard Barbell Benders Bag. I liked it, it came alittle late, in that i was already past doing much with 3/16 steel. I do think it is a good set of gear fora beginner. For me, finding the material to bend was also one of the real challenges of taking up bending. I also alway recommend seeking out benders in your vicinity. I'm guessing you live in a smallish town (as you only have one hardware store). Even if you find a bender even in your state they may be able to point you toward a steel distributor in your area or even go in on an order with you.

Best of luck, practice safe bending.

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