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Matching Ironmind Nails To Store Sold Ones?


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Does anyone know what type of store sold nails match each of the ironmind color coded nails? I want to buy the equivalent to whites and greens, i bought one bag of nails but it's just too expensive with the shipping and all to buy large quantties so I wanted to buy localy in stores. Should i just find something of similar thickness/ lenghth or is there an "official" conversion table? Thx.

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There is a cool conversion chart that someone did but I can't remember where it is now. Basically though, the Ironmind "nails" are going to be longer than real nails in respect to diameter. The hardware store nails are going to be thin, but very short. A few things people do are:

Buy Timber Ties. These are 60D nails that are very soft and twisted. They are somewhere between the difficulty of an IM Green and Yellow nail.

Get some Grade 2 bolts, ones that are 6" x 3/16" and 6" x ¼".

The only nail that is going to be pretty much the same as IM stock is the normal bright 60D, which is more or less the same difficulty as a Blue nail.

You can also just buy the stock steel, which will make nails almost identical to IM pieces.

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Thx. when i go to the store i'll mention this to them see what they have :)

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Some hardware stores do carry round CRS, you just have to ask usually. The local homedepot has some tucked back in by the bolts, another one had it down a totally different aisle. Get a saw or bolt cutters the saw takes longer but the bolt cutters leave a nasty spur on the end). Cut your own length. It's cheaper than a bag of nails from IM or FBBC but more expensive than buying grade 2 bolts.

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Here are some basic conversions, remember that these are Cold Rolled Steel (CRS) round stock:

Iron Mind's Nails

White - 3/16"x6"

Green - 3/16"x5"

Yellow - 1/4"x7"

Blue - 1/4"x6"

Red - 5/16" x 7"

If you are looking for a good progression chart then run a search and look for "Bending progression charts" or consult the chart below:

Fat Bastard Barbell Company (FBBC) Steel Progression

7x3/16 Round

6x3/16 Round

5.5x3/16 Round

7x3/16 Square

5x3/16 Round

6x3/16 Square

6x1/4 G2 Bolt (OF)

7x1/4 Round

6x1/4 Round

6x5/16 G2 Bolt (307A)

5.5x1/4 Round

6x1/4 G5 Bolt

7x1/4 Square

5x1/4 Round

7x5/16 Round

5.5x1/4 G5 Bolt

6x1/4 G8 Bolt

6x1/4 Square

7x5/16 Hex

6.5x5/16 Round

5x1/4 G5 Bolt

5.5x1/4 Square

6.5x5/16 Hex

6x5/16 Round

5x1/4 Square

6x5/16 Hex

5.5x5/16 Round

7x5/16 Square

7x3/8 Round

Hope this helps,


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Excelent chart smp76 that defntly helps!

I take no credit for the chart, I was standing on the shoulders of giants.

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I purchase all my metal from onlinemetals dot com. They have cheap prices and specialize in small lengths. The only problem that I can see for someone else buying from there is that you would most likely have to pay for the shipping and it could get pretty steep depending on order size. If you happen to live in the Seattle area, you can just do a will call pick up. If nothing else, it's a good place to price your metal and see if your deal is the best you could do.

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