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PRs piling up!

Guest Jeff Roark

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Guest Jeff Roark

Two hand pinch- 176lbs x 1(held for about 5 sec at the lockout)

BBM- 2x1!!! I did it for two powerful singles. I was so close the other night I had to give it a go, and I am glad I did because I mangled that bitch! I done it so hard that I was able to walk from my living room all the way into the kitchen where my girlfreind, her sister and husband could all see it. My girlfreinds response "didn't you already do that one?"

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That will teach you NOT to walk into the kitchen!

The more specific any field becomes, the more the

audience for it shrinks. Grippers are grippers to most

people, but congrats on your progress.

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Guest Jeff Roark

I agree Joe but to her.. she knew which one it was! She knows what that big M on the handle means. Although she is right I had done it once before. The real differnce Joe is that I have done this with minimal work as compared to the last time I closed it. The biggest thing to me is that I have managed this with virtually no CTS pain! Strapholds work.

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My wife finds this trivial as well.  

Yesterday, as I was begining a grip workout, she is taking the lawnmower out of the garage, she says to me:

"I have so much I want to do today!  My list is too long, mow, get the cover off the pool, clean the deck, paint our bedroom, etc, etc.."  By this time AC/DC is screaming through my speakers and I am warming up-completely ignoring her glares.

She says, "YOUR list isn't very long today, is it?"

I just smiled and said, "Until the this d@mn #3 goes down, your looking at my list!"

Now, dont get me wrong, I am playing the part of the domesticated man today until my athletes show up, but, the women folk gotta understand the passion that this takes.

Oh, and last night she told me that I should have just married my weights

:p !

Rick Walker :hehe

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You shoulda said, "Let me check our marriage license.  I thought I did!".  Too funny!!  :p  :p  :hehe

Tell your wife that... "it's a man thing, you don't understand".

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