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Got A 6 Pack


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At a little camping trip/redneck party there was a bunch of us out having a little fun and doing alot of drinking...I was walking around mingling with the ppl and noticed alot of full cans of Natural Ice beer on the ground...I said why are there beer on the ground and not in the cooler....someone said that has been rolling around in my cooler since Last Year :cry and I said I have something good for a can of that...I walked over to the car and grabbed my gloves....grabbed a can shook it up....took off my shirt :dry and gave it 3 quick squeezes and boom it blew up real nice.....everyone was awestruck and the guy threw me another one....blewey....he just kept throwing em to me and I went through all 7 in about 5 mins or less...cut my arm again...thought I did it on the last one and the guy was like naw...cut it on the 3rd one but it was worth it...had me a nice beer bath though....but my impressions will last forever :cool

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I bet you guys had fun!

yea it was pretty sweet man had a blast.....its kewl to have all eyes on you and everyone getting a kick out of the deal....its like the best feat of strength to get ppls attention....if you bend a bar their like yea thats awesome but the dont relate....burst a few beers or soda cans and you got em hooked!

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That is true, it's such a visual feat. Grippers? Your average joe doesn't have a glue...you allways have to explain the whole deal thoroughly before they have even a slightest idea.

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