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Show Of Hands Grip Cup Results


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1)Eric Milfeld

Euro Pinch 189.43

V-bar Left 273.97

V-bar Right 288.74

Bending: Grand Hexabastard (American Grip Contest Record)

2.5" Crusher Left 159

2.5" Crusher Right 165

points: 2740.43

2)Jason Williams (com202)

Euro Pinch 168.89

V-bar Left 247.92

V-bar Right 268.54

Bending: Bastard

2.5" Crusher Left 133

2.5" Crusher Right 143


3)Matt Chips (opnsysme)

Euro Pinch 154.61

V-bar Left 268.54

V-bar Right 288.74

Bending: 1/4 x 6.5" square

2.5" Crusher Left 128

2.5" Crusher Right 149

points: 2169.03

4)Mike Hadland (Booyah!!!)

Euro Pinch 144.77

V-bar Left 222.92

V-bar Right 247.92

Bending: 1/4 x 6" square

2.5" Crusher Left 118

2.5" Crusher Right 128

points: 2019.46

5)Keith Bormann (Thorfinn)

Euro Pinch 174.86

V-bar Left 228.35

V-bar Right 247.92

Bending: 1/4 x 6" round

2.5" Crusher Left 128

2.5" Crusher Right 138

points: 1980.85

6) Paul Doyle (God-man)

Euro Pinch 118.26

V-bar Left 203.25

V-bar Right 208.13

2.5" Crusher Left 118

2.5" Crusher right 118

points: 1321.94

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Congrats to everyone at the contest and well done Eric for taking the overall. I will update the top 50 pinch and vbar. I look forward to see a full report.

Some massive bending Eric!

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Congrats Eric.

Nice pinch and awesome bending. :rock

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Congrats to everyone at the contest! :rock

The Bastard list grow and grow.

com202, congrats to your Bastard cert band and also big congrats to Eric with the new American grip contest bending record.


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Good results! Congrats Eric and I think your bending result may be way out of my league :D

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Congrats for the win Eric, and good job to all the other competitors! :rock

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Congrats to everyone who took place - some very strong results there! Nice job!

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Great performances, everybody.

Well done, Eric.


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What can I say?? It was an awesome contest with some strong guys. But what most stood out was the hospitality and willingness to help each other out. This was in the midst of competing!!

Also I can't say enough about FBBC!! Other than this, my next order of anything grip related will be from there!!

Thank you so much Eric and FBBC for hosting and sponsering this!!

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Congrats to everyone! Great all-around effort, Eric, with a monster bend on top of it all!

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Thanks everyone!!! This board is so motivating and keeps me driven!!!

This tournament was nothing less than Excellent!!! A Great bunch of honorable and motivating people to get together with and have fun gripping and bending. What a show of hands!!! Thanks for the tournament Eric!!! Can't wait til the next one. Mike

OH I almost forgot, Great job Jason!!! you are such a "BASTARD"!!!


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I've just added the total point scores of all the lifters.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet and compete with such a friendly and enthusiastic group of guys. But Mike Hadland was by far the most enthusiastic! He has energy oozing from his pores! Start training all of the events, Mike, and you'll be a tough one to beat.

After the contest, with a little bit of instruction on technique, both Mike and Matt destroyed the FBBC 12" spike for certification! That really got me pumped up! That's pretty darn impressive, considering these guys don't train with spikes.

I knew he would do it, though he may have had doubts himself, but Jason simply destroyed the Bastard bar! With just a tiny bit more of crushdown strength the Big Bastard would have fallen, as well.

I was very pleased to discover that I can do the 50 pound Blob. It took a couple of attempts, but then I managed a full deadlift, twice. :)

And winner of the biggest, meanest looking forearms goes to Keith!

Paul showed a lot of courage by competing and giving it his all, despite having trained his grip for only two weeks! He surely didn't miss that 1/4 x 7" bar by lack of effort!

Thanks again to all the competitors for supporting the contest, and a special "thank you" to John Beatty and Fat Bastard Barbell. The shirts, hoodies, etc. were great!!! I'm looking forward to next year already!

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Eric, Thanks for having us over at your home for the grip contest. Besides being one very strong hombre you are a very humble and generous person. Thanks for making my first grip contest a great one. You have a great set-up there (garage).

All the other competitors were very cool and more than willing to help out and cheer each other on. I hope we all meet up again to compete or train (if any of you ever come to Austin).

This contest has motivated me to train grip more seriously so, until next time...

Also, the FBBC Crusher is one cool revolving thick bar. I am definatley getting one of those, a Vbar and some bending stock as well (from FBBC). I need some serious improvement in those areas (especially bending).

Again thanks to all and a huge thanks to Eric for putting up with all of us.


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Yeah, the contest was very cool. I learned a lot this last Saturday, and I definitely have even more motivation to train my a so-called "grip" (or lack thereof)! Thank you so much Eric for holding the SHC at your garage and helping me out! I can't wait for my next comp. ... hopefully I'll be able to get on the board in the bending category.

Keith, Mike, Matt, Jason, and of course, Eric, it was a lot of fun competing with y'all. You guys are BEASTS!!! haha

Edited by God-man
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CONGRATULATIONS to all competitors!!!!!!

The best part of the comp. was meeting fellow Gripboard members in person. Some of the nicest guys I have had the pleasure to meet.

Everybody left the competition knowing they gave it their all and I was impressed with everybody.

I did have doubts about whether I would bend the Bastard, but I gave it my all and it stood no chance. I was speechless, but I'm usually speechless anyways. No more doubting myself, I'm going to crush all steel that stands in my way.

It was a PR day for everybody, during all events. Some very impressive strength from these guys, Timmy included.

Thanks to Eric for having the comp. and all he had to do to get it going and Thanks to John and Fat Bastard for sponsoring the comp.

Thanks to everybody!!!

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