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Help Me Id This Bolt


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I saw a Lowes last night as I was driving around last night. It's the first I have seen since moving and I have found that I hate Home Depot. While I was there I bought a 30lb box of Timber ties, a good time there. I also looked for some 1/4 6" Grade 2 bolts as I have burnt through the ones that came in my FBBC bender's bag. They had grade 3 and 5 very clearly labeled. They had some labeled as zinc plated. I bought some that were not labeled with a grade or otherwise. I bent it today, it went pretty easy, harder than the timber ties but not a whole lot harder. It has something that looks like a BL or a PL in which the L is lower and and bumps up against the right side of the B or P, that's why I can't tell which it is. I will gladly provide any frurther info I can. I'm just trying to figure out if I got a Grade 2 or something else.

If it is unidentifiable would Eric be willing to have me send one of these to him to test/calibrate?

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I've seen the bolts with a BL on the head, and they were rather difficult as far as sub grade 5 bolts go. A 5/16 x 6" one felt atleast as hard as a Red, if not harder. But I would gladly calibrate one for you if you like. Currently I have none of these in my stock, though.

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