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Roark and wrist curls

Rick Browne

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Well since I bent your ear on the roller thread, albeit, it might not have made sense, what do you think of a thick bar in wrist curling?

I had a 1 3/4 inch bar made this week to work with on wrist curls. You ever used a thick bar on wrist curls?  And resulting action you benefited.


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Have used a 2" bar for wrist curls- once. It was a piece of

pipe and seemed to limit the range of motion compared to

the 1.25" bar I usually use. But I have never tried them long

enough with a fat bar to really judge.

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Yes I know  the thicker bar shortens the range, have a 21/2 incher I was using a while back. That did not last long. that is why I reduced it to 1 3/4 to see if any benefit was to be had.


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Guest RobbyTooSlobby

This is useful information.  I built a duplicate of this wrist curl machine out of wood and it works great except i have a 2" bar on it.  


I might have to change the bar size...but i don't want to mess with a good thing.  hmm.... ???

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