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the #2 goes down!


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Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg...... crush and crush until I can crush no more...... but it wasnt because my grip was too weak, it was cuz the handles were together, they grinded as I held the beast in my hand. W00 H00!

Time to begin my quest down the trail of grip to the land of the Captains of Crush! Im on my way!

:)  :D  :p  ;)  :0  :blush  :crazy  :hehe

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Well done :).  It's a nice feeling when you finally close a gripper.  Good luck with the #3

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It feels good to finally close that IM #2!!  :)

Now the bad news:  the IM #3 will feel like you're grip training all over again!  Now you'll really haffta train!!!   :crazy

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Congrats :D  :D  :D !!  That is awesome.  A milestone in your grip training.

I remember closing the #2 for the first time-I was estactic.  Imagine the feeling inside when the #3 slams down!!

Keep at it-

Rick Walker :hehe

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Guest mikebyoung

Congrats Jett!

 Sybersnott is right. I got my #3 a week after I closed my #2.

It's like starting all over again.

 But it is like reading a great book,finishing it....then finding out there is already a great sequel waiting for you to pick up.

 (and the sequel is even better and twice as long....also,it is in fact,a trilogy. The last book is the size of the Encyclopedia Brittanica.)

Enjoy the ride,


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Thanks for the kind replies guys. I just cant wait till I move on June 1st. Im moving into a larger apartment, 2 stories with a basement, and you can only guess whats gonna occupy that basement, weights and grip training impliments of course! Im gonna build some thick handled dumbells and a wrist roller. I really want to train with an Inch thickness dumbell, also thick handled deadlifts, I plan on getting an Apollons Axle over the summer sometime. This is impossible right now, since I live in an apartment complex on the second floor, I dont think the people below me would appreciate a dumbell falling through their ceiling.  :hehe

Well, my goal right now is to get 20 reps on the #2, my dad told me when I get 20 reps, he will buy me a #3 to work with, I could always buy one on my own, but I want to be ready to face that beast of a gripper.

P.S. Sybersnott, it'd be nice to get a taste of the #3, is that traveling #3 idea still gonna happen?

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You'd better try to do a strap hold with 20 pounds than doing 20 reps on it. Tell your father that reps do nothing for grip strength and that strap holds are the KEY thing to do for crushing strength.

I can do over 20 reps on a #2 and don't close the #3 yet (soon but not yet  :hehe ).

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Closing the #3 is kinda like reading "War And Peace".... in Latin!!  :p

Train HARD... you'll need to for the #3.  I breezed through the #1 and the #2.  The #3 is where "the beast" lies.  :0

Now..... find "the beast".  You'll know what to do once you find it.  (Am I turning this into a riddle or what?  Rick.... help me out on this one).   :D  :hehe

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Guest Anvil

Nice work! I'm buying myself a #2 gripper soon- I've just closed my #1 recently for the first time. THe left hand is lagging way behind tho'. I'm progressing slowly, but I'm getting there- Iwas chuffed to bits to get that #1 closed, so I imagine you're twice as pleased with closing the #2! Now you gotta mash that#3! :crazy

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The #3 will certainly taunt you.  

You will dream about it, hanging from it's nail or laying on the work bench-it laughs at you.

Why do think in a world of billions of people, only 64 or so have mashed it under the rules set out by Ironmind?  I bet many, many more have closed the #2.  After that, it becomes mental battle.

You can't just waltz into the room and mash a #3.  It takes guts, blood, sweat, tears.  And if it doesn't-you are a genetic freak and should be closing the #4 by now!

People just give up the battle.  Can you mentally go out to your garage, basement, where ever you train-in the cold or in the heat, and continue to break yourself down?  Week after week, year after year?  

That is what it takes.  The #4 is more a mental battle then the #3-crossing into that realm is like becoming a Ninja or being able to bend stuff with your mind!

So The Beast-it lies deep in your soul.  No one is going to care if you ever mash that #3.  Your kids will still love you, your wife will still love you, your friends will still come over on Saturday to watch football and drink cold beverages.

The world won't stop.  Closing the #3 won't make you rich and won't make you famous.  Heck, 99% of the people in this world couldn't name 1 Captain of Crush.  Gatorade probably won't put you in a commercial mashing a gripper with colored sweat pooring off your head.

So The Beast is something that stops the 100s out there that have close dthe #2.  

For me, The Beast is my mind.  The mental torment that won't let me skip a workout.  The obsession with sqeezing those God forsaken grippers until blood oozes and my hands are to tender to even make a fist.  The countless dreams of the #3 stealing my wife, robbing my house, killing my dogs.

That is my Beast.  I WILL NOT stop this craziness until I have beaten my grippers.  I can't.  My mind wont let me.

Rick Walker

 :crazy  :hehe

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I do like your attitude, my friend!!  :D

When all is said and done, YOU might be one of the greatest COC's ever produced.  You have that "Kinney" type attitude!

At the end of every one of my posts, there is a saying.

"Deep inside your greatest fear lies your greatest victory".

I talk about "The Beast".  We all have one.  Getting to the beast, and slaying it - that is your goal.  "The Beast" is mental; not physical.  That's why "The Beast" is so hard to nail down.  I believe conquering the #3 is HUGELY mental, and not so much physical.  Yes, it is physical to some extent; how was Kinney able to mash that #4 so convincingly??  He got that beast of his, put a saddle on that sucker, and rode him down!!!  :p

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