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Sorin video


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Last night I watched the Richard Sorin video of his

speech and demonstration at Georgetown, taped some

weeks ago.

Richard is an imposing man and there are some solid tips

on training and technique and some hands-on demonstrations

of how to use some of the equipment he sells.

He carries a heavy anvil for several feet; Bud Jeffries is

shown two-hand cleaning the Inch bell replica and then

trying to put it overhead both left and right handed. I must

correct something I said earlier, which was based on what I

was told. Bud did not get the bell to lockout with either arm

in this video- maybe he can now, or will soon, but I passed along some misinformation earlier. Sorry.

Bert Sorin, world level hammer thrower demonstrates the Landmine (sp?) which it seems to me has much merit.

As the tape ends various audience members try to hoist the

implements that Richard and Bert have on hand.

Also shown: the 621 lb gripper, the blob and other items.

It is worth a look!

Jeff Roark, when you see the tape, let me know how to

identify you if you appear in it. You probably are the fellow

surrounded by the cheerleaders?

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Guest Jeff Roark


Look for the shortest, most handsome man there and thats me. I have short hair and a red/bleack button up shirt. I sat right behind Bert while he was filming it. I can't afford the video, where can i see it for free? Is wanna going to post it for us? How about some pics?

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This video sounds great and I'd really like to see it. My question is, does it contain any bikini babes closing tough grippers?

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The video is well produced- not Hollywood, but fine. As I

recall, the anvil Richard carried by the horn for a few feet was

a 149 pounder, right Richard?

Bud Jeffries cleaned the Inch as easily as I would clean

a 50 pound dumbell, okay, 40 pounder. This man is powerful.

There was another man from the audience who also cleaned it

easily with two hands.

Nobody caused the anvil to leave the floor though- except one

man who cleaned it with two hands.

Sorry Paul- no bikini babes with or without grippers- like that's

really a requirement you would impose. "Sorry, you aren't

holding a gripper, you must leave. Walk away now. Slowly."

Hopefully Richard will post soon regarding his plans for the


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Copies of this video will be available from The GripPage.  More details soon.

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