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Grip Workouts


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I normally train my grip at the end of my workout (after squats, deads, presses, etc.).  I currently train two days per week.  

My problem is that my workouts get a little to long sometimes.  I'm thinking of reducing the amount of grip movements per workout to one wrist exercise and one gripping exercise.  The reason I hate to do this is that I love to work my grip and I worry that I may not give enough attention to the different parts of my hand.  

Another alternative would be to train the same exercises but spread the load over one week.  In the past, I have treated grip training the same as full body training as in training it only twice per week.  I know that grip training does not drain the body like full body training, so should I train it differently?

I would appreciate any help anyone is willing to give and I thank you in advance.


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Two times a week.  Train your pinching one workout - crushing the next.  Concentrate on what you need to work on, and do that longer.  When you stop making progress, change your routine.  Hope this helps!!  :)

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Guest Harlan Jacobs

I do my grip training in between my gym training days. Gym training on Sunday,Grip on Tues,Gym on Wed, Grip on Fri. That works well for me, But , I'm weird  or so I have been told !  Chad Coy told me that I am like a big Silver Back. I don't eat hardley any protein and still weigh 300 lbs. Just well proportioned fat .

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I  used to work out 2 times a weak for pretty long (2 hours, sometimes more...)

I have now found something that seems to suit me better: I workout nearly every day for about 5 days and then rest for 2 days:

tuesday: grip strength workout, pretty long (1.5 hour)

wednesday: just the grippers for about 20 minutes

thursday: wide grip workout,  a bit of endurance,  some sandbag lifting (new for me, never really trained my lower back before), inverted grippers.

friday: bouldering.

saturday: some pinching or wide grip training or wrist stuff.

train hard


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Wannagrip, may I ask: do you work only the grippers 6 days a week, or do you do several exercises on each of your workouts?

In fact I don't know much of exercises you do besides the grippers: are there any? if so, which? and do you apply your secret training method to them too? results?

train hard (I'm sure you do),


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6 days per week. I do grippers 6 days, I pinch 2 of these days, and will do the occasional thickbar work.

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Like a few other guys, I am going up to 5 days/week+.

Monday or Tuesday is some sort of heavy work, usually some kind of gripper or Rolling Thunder. Tuesday I do hammer curls, sometimes with rubber bands where I squeeze the ends instead of wrapping them around my hands. Wednesday is wrist roller, Friday I do pinch grip, and Saturday I'll work on closing the #1 as fast as possible. Also, most days I will work on a soft squeeze ball with 3 sets of 100 per hand.

I also do upper body pressing or pulling work 4-5 days a week, which can work the grip good at times.

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