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Rick Walker

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Coming from a powerlifting background, I am used to using imagery before a big attempt.

Tonight I got a bug in my a$$, and fired up the tunes.  I warmed up as usuall, 10s with the #1.  I then did some singles with the #2, being careful to not cause any strain at all.

I then fired up "My Sacrafice" by Creed and sat down with my ammonia.  After a minute or so of mental closing, I stood up and tore into the PDA 387.  EASY close, both hands.  This has been a hard close since I got it but tonight it clicked shut.

Next up was an attempt at the #3.  I concentrated so hard that in my mind, I had closed it.  With out a doubt.  Again, Creed and ammonia.  I stood up and grabbed it with my right hand.

I tore into it and squeezed harder then ever before.  I squeezed so hard I got light headed.  It was the closest I have ever come to closing it.  I am talking a hair on a human head close.  I coud'nt have gave it any more.

I might be on to something here.  I always did a big squat or dead in my head prior to steppping onto the platform.  It works just as weel when attacking a gripper!

Rick Walker :hehe

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Hey Rick, yes, I have always used imagery for just about everything important in my life. I believe this has sustained me during hard times and has also kept me virtually injury free through many years of training! Keep up the good work,man,I expect to be hearing great things about you in the near future!



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See my thread entitled, "Developing A Positive Attitude".  :)

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I use heavy visualization as well. I feel that it really helps me keep my head straight and my confidence solid.

For those folks that would like to read a great book to learn some techniques. I recommend IrondMind: Stronger Mind Stronger Body by Dr. Randy Strossen.

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