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I got my #1 gripper two days ago and was only able to close it 4 times with my right hand and once with my left.  I have couple plastic grippers, but I am just wondering if I should get a trainer as well, or if doing negatives and strapholds will help me shut the number two in a reasonably short time.  Since I am college student I am on a limited budget and if I could get by just getting the # 2 for now that would be better.

Thanks very much any comments appreciated, Jake Neiffer

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Get the 2. I don't have the T. Most say it's a good warm up gripper but I warm up with my store grippers (2 for 3$) and the #1.

Strap holds with the #1 will make you close the 2 in no time.

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Alright  thanks Tou.  It will probably be a while before I can do strapholds with the # 1.  Would the best way to get there be singles and negatives?  How much good do strapholds with those cheap grippers do?

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Keep on doing many sets of low reps and (like 5 x 5 or 8 x 3) and work on timed holds. Close the gripper and hold it closed as long as you can. Forget strap holds with plastic store grippers. The strap will slip.

The #2 will come fast, you'll see.

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