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Guest woody36


        You said that Ben Read mentioned the nails you

were using in the nailbending competition were of good

quality,i was wondering if during your conversations with

him he may have mentioned whether the steel used to

make nails had become harder to bend over the years,

from him first starting out.



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Actually, Ben sent me some of his nails a few years ago, and they were good ones. Maybe he's a little weaker now, remember he is 70 this year!

I've also met, and have known, another fine nail bender by the name of Ronnie Tait (check David Webster's book 'Sons of Samson). He showed me 3 kinds of nails, that I think he called 'light', 'medium' and 'heavy'. The heads of them were painted red, yellow and white I think. Now the 'heavy' nail was a tough, high carbon nail that slowed me down on my snapping. Whereas the 'light' nail was bendable by a very young Jason, who was possibly 11 then!

So in answering your post. I think there have always been tough nails around, but nowadays the building trade don't want any of those 'easily bent' nails, so these ones have all but disappeared.

Good question, David

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Guest woody36



   Ben's age is the reason i asked the question,i was thinking

of Tolson's 4x60d bend,and figured Ben would know if nails

were getting stronger over a period of time,i figure 40-50yrs

since he started,unless he started late in life?.

Thanks Again.

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