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Wrist angle when gripping?

Adam Black

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For the purpose of my question all gripping is performed palm in and thumb up. As one would use for a handshake.

When I use moderate force or better to close a gripper with my off hand (left) I have to angle my hand to the left to get any appreciable power from it. Where as with my right I am able to maintain a straight wrist.

Am I correct in thinking that this is due to a weak wrist? Or is it a weak forearm? Or neither?


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its due to the winding of the spring on the gripper. most grippers are wound to favor right handers although gimley's (sp?) are wound backwards favoring lefties. when you squeeze the handles close together you'll just get a strange angle- also makes straphold work interesting... if you want more info check previous posts as this has been discussed a while back...

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Aha! I of course always love answers that obsolve me and make it the equipments fault.  :p

Thanks AP, I never even considered that.

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