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Steel log for sale....


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We are selling one of our prototype logs. It is the biggest one we are going to make. It comes in a 205lbs, has a 8.5in diamter, and handles that are 1.5in. The log also has a 1/3 inch thick wall which makes it bullet proof. It was used for test purposes and is in great shape, no dents etc. It has no paint job right now. We are asking about $285 for it. We also have a pair of farmers walk implements that where used for testing too. We will let them go for about $120. Anybody that is interested let me know.

We will be selling our entire line of equipment starting May 1st, but you will get a much better deal on these test units now.

We are in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. So any of you Minnesota guys interested......

Lance Peterson


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It is darn heavy!!  It is made out of schedule 40 steel pipe.  We are going to make 3 different logs.  205#, 160#, &130#.  The 205# & the 160# will both be 6ft & the 130# will be 4.5ft or so.  I will keep everybody updated, we should have a few pieces of never before seen items too.  Feel free to email me


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You might have me as one of your future customers.  But for now, I just don't have any room for that kinda stuff!  When I get a place big enough, I'll come calling!!  :p

You might also try some of the other strength boards and try to drum up some business there.  Good Luck!!  :)

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We now have another non-painted protoype log for sale.  This one is still 6ft w/8in diameter & 1.25in handles.  But it comes in at 145lbs with no plates added.  New this costs $299, but we can let it go for $265.

Email me if interested,


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