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strap holds vs. over crush


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I was wondering if I could get some input from those who experienced using strap holds and over crushes (slamming the gripper closed and trying to crush it for 10+ seconds).

Without getting into my gripping routine, I'd like to just give some idea of what I am capable of doing.

I can close the 2 but not all the time. :blush

I can do over crushes with the 1 and keep it closed for about 12-15 seconds.

I can do strap holds with 5 lbs for 5-10 seconds but only with the T.

I'm thinking I should be able to strap hold with the 1 but have problems with it.

Would it make sense to do strap holds with more weight with the T OR do over crushes with the 1 OR both.



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I say do both, but do your straps first.  Overs will help, but I think that much more strength comes from straps.  I always tried for 3 good max sets, if I could do more I wasn't going hard enough.

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Strap holds are usually done during a period when one is fractions of an inch away from closing a tough gripper. Strap holds can still be of benefit.

Continue working with the Trainer for strap holds. In a short period of time, the #1 should feel sufficiently soft enough for strap holds. For microloading consider using washers, small clamps, pliers, horseshoes, or another gripper.

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ya strap holds kicka$$ i've gone down 3/10's so i finally got to 1/8 on the #3 because of strap holds! :rock

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i was 1/8-1/16 to the #2, than i starting doing strap holds for a week on now i can close it.

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