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Gripper Leg Press


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Over the weekend, I was trying out all my #3's.

I was sitting down and pressing the gripper closed against my leg (upper thigh next to my hip), then holding it closed for as long as possible.  If you are trying to close that impossible gripper (whichever gripper it is for you), this is a good training method for negatives.  If you've ever seen the Joe Kinney video, he explains this training method.  "Cheat" the gripper closed by pressing it against your leg, then you are doing a negative.

How many of you have tried this??  If you haven't - you should!!

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Guest RobbyTooSlobby

I've tried this.  I think for me it hasn't work quite as well as strap holds.  

Did you really want us to post if we tried this?   :blush  Or were you just asking?

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Strapholds are for grippers you CAN close.  A "cheat" close is for one you can't.

How do you perform strapholds on a #3 if you NEVER closed a #3?  And yes, I did want some responses to see if anyone was doing them.  :)

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Guest Luke Reimer

I find this against-the-hip/thigh method the easiest way to

force a gripper closed myself, but for serious negatives I

prefer to assist with my other hand.  I don't know whether

anyone will relate to why, but here goes...

When I use my hip to get the close, performing a negative of

course requires carefully withdrawing my hand from against

my leg.  Somehow I have trouble giving it that 100% gut-

wrenching effort when I have to divide my concentration

between squeezing my hand and moving it.  

Whereas when I use my other hand to assist with the close,

once I'm ready for the negative all I have to do is shift is shift

my focus to the gripper hand.  Relaxing and withdrawing the

other one seems to happen fairly easily, without diverting any

mental or physical energy from my main hand.

It's wierd--one way is like patting my head and rubbing my

tummy (all the while trying to muster an elusive 100% effort)

and the other way is pretty natural. (Please, no one refer me

to a phsycologist for this little bit of introspection.  I'm fine.

Really, I am).  



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I do that myself sometimes to get the gripper handles to touch.  Just seeing them touch gives me a tingle!!  :p

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Guest Canthar

I'll use my offhand to get the gripper into place and then on my last set of 5 reps I'll either press against my leg or push my hand down against my bench but I never use the offhand. At that point I just do a negative but I may walk around my downstairs to distract myself from the pain extreme negatives can cause..


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