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I got a BBM from weightlifters warehouse and shut it right out of the box.  This thing is way easier than my CoC #2, and a little bit harder than my CoC #1.  The handle spread on the BBM is much narrower than all of my Ironmind grippers.  I've thought about ordering an Elite, but I can't even close my CoC #3 yet.  I think I either got a really easy BBM or my Ironmind grippers are really tough.  Actually, I think it may be a little of both.  My girlfriend got a trainer here recently from Ironmind which she can shut easily for many singles, but she still can't close my trainer.  The trainer gripper probably isn't as precise as the others, but maybe it was a trend in gripper strength at the time.  I bought my Ironmind grippers back in '97, and would really like to get them PDA tested sometime in the near future.   :)

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Guest StrongerthanArne

I also got a BBM a couple of weeks ago. This one is wider between the handles and harder to close than all single stamped #2's that I have come across. However, I have tried three double stamped #2's and these were all wider between the handles and harder to close than my BBM. I friend of mine recently got a BBE. This one is narrow between the handles (like the PDA's) but very hard to close (much harder than all #3's I have tried). The wire of the spring is thicker than on a #3 and the spring is set extremely deep into the handles (even deeper than on the early "super duty" batch of PDA grippers).

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I got my grippers right around the same time you did.  Yes, by all means get them calibrated by PDA.  The results may surprise you.  My original #3 was a LOT tougher than I thought it would be.  My Trainer was tougher too.  The biggest shock was the two virgins; one at 370 IP and the other at 420 IP.  Ya just never know!!  :)

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