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Easy Homemade Forearm Developers

Guest Shenandoah

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Guest Shenandoah

Everyone has a tremendous grip developer just hanging around their homes - your doors.

Just stand in front of the edge of an open door and grab hold of it with one hand. Lean back as far as you can and then pull yourself back up. Do as many reps with each hand as you want to. Each time you do this, try to lean further back.

Another dynamite forearm developer can be found at your local hardware store - a 4 ft. length of 1" galvanized steel pipe.

Beginning from one end of the pipe, mark off 18 1 inch increments with an indelible marker, numbering each increment 1 thru 18,  beginning from the middle of the pipe.

Exercise 1 - Grasp the pipe with your arm straight down at your side and the pipe out in front of you. Lift the end of the pipe off of the floor ten times using only your hand. Select and record a numbered mark on the pipe from which you can do this. If you want to do sets, slide your hand to the next incrament closer towards the middle for the next set, and so on.

Exercise 2 - Repeat exercise 1, but this time with the pipe extended out behind you.

Exercise 3 - Sitting on a chair or bench, with your forearm on your thigh and your hand out over your knee, grasp the pipe, palm down, with the pipe extended out towards your side. Rotate your hand inward, raising the end of the pipe off of the floor.

Exercise 4 - Repeat exercise 3, but do it with your palm up, the pipe extended sideways in front of you, and rotate your hand outward.

If or when the weight of the pipe isn't sufficient, screw a connector to one end, screw a short extension to it, slide a weight plate onto the extension, and hold the plate in place with a connector on the very end.

The delux model - wrap two lengths of padded baseball bat wrap down the length of one end of the pipe for a good, cusiony grip. Add another layer on top of that if you choose to do so. Run a length of light colored electrician's tape along the length of the wrap and make your markings on that.

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