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Tearing Progression List


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I know I saw a post on it not too long ago, but I can't seem to find it now. Will someone please post the list of playing cards in order of difficulty to tear, or provide a link to the other post if they know where it is.



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Okay based on our data collected by those few that have contributed anything to this effort I want to thank you for you time and efforts. This is the jist of what I have here so far.

Paper Cheapos (no plastic coating)- Hard to find anymore so don’t bother

Trumps - easy, good trainers - buy at Walmart

Gold Crown -2 for a dollar best place to start for a beginner....

Made in china 2 pack from Dollar Tree

Older Mavericks - very good deck, difficult, but not too hard - buy at Dollar store

VIP - good deck, solid tear ALL the way through, good grip - buy at Wal-Mart

Champions - good deck, a little slippery, solid tear - buy at Dollar store

Aviators - tough deck, not too slippery, hard throughout

Hoyle Playing cards (what they say on box)

Bicycle rider back cards – Difficulty considered high medium

New Mavericks - freaking tough, hard to start - very slippery - Dollar Store or Wal-Mart

Bicycles - buy pretty much anywhere - tough deck - expensive

Gemaco casino cards - used

Bees- no.92 - buy pretty much anywhere - tough deck - expensive

Malaysian Dolphins – Cards have three-ply construction with plastic in between the paper - very tough tear – Dollar Tree

Please feel free to add to or give your opinions of any card progression adjustments especially for those cards that I do not have listed that you may have tried.

The more participation in this the better it will be for all those who like to destroy perfectly good decks of cards for fun. :flame


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I think the bicycles are harder than the bees no92 and the dolphins but, that's just me :)

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Re the Mav's, the easy ones are found at the dollar stores, the tuff ones are at walmart, in fact they are harder than the bikes I buy at walmart, at least for me as they are slippery as heck.....Brett

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This should be stickied. I think this is something that can be very useful for tearing. And, similar to the other lists on this board it can be changed as the members see fit, or as more products come out.

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I am ressurecting this old thread as I've recently added card tearing to my training. I wanted to share another long list from card magic forums -- those guys measure thickness of cards, which vary between 2.5mm to 3.6mm per 10 cards. I imagine the quality of the paper and thickness affects the strength.



Since for tearing we buy decks in bulk, a lot of those specialty decks won't really go for practice, but it might be a good resource for guys who are looking for some variety and tougher challenges. The Bowlerama Cosmic Lanes deck for example is between $25 to $35 per deck, before shipping. The superior - Expert are about $15 per deck. These are all smaller printing runs so they are a lot more expensive. I can get 12 Mavs for $11 on amazon shipped right now, or a dozen bicycles for $21. Since I can easily go through 5-7 decks in a go, $35 card decks aren't really reasonable.

I'd love to find somewhere to find unprinted card stock -- I imagine it's quite cheaper, but I haven't found them yet.


And as always anyone looking for instruction Chris "Hairculese" Rider  ( https://www.instagram.com/hairculese/ ) is in my mind the #1 expert for this. He has an incredible tutorial here: 




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