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Thanks Guys!

Guest Hairyporkchop

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Guest Hairyporkchop

I finally closed the #2. I had the thing for about 6 months and could only get it as close as 1/4 inch. After getting some advice here on the board about strap holds I commenced a twice a week routine on March 13th. I closed it Wednesday so it took slightly over 1 month to get that last 1/4 inch. Ironically, I wasn't even going to try it Wednesday, but I felt good warming up (after a horrible workout Sunday) and just went for it. I blew past my old sticking point but didn't know if I had closed it. I kept squeezing for what seemed like 10 seconds (was probably more like 5) and turned my wrist to see how far I had to go when I realized the handles were touching! I'm a believer in strap holds and thanks again for the advice and tips on how to do them.


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Great feeling ain't it,Hairy? Or should I call you Chop? :p  I am also closing the #2 consistantly thanks to the guys here! Soon the # 3 will go down! When I don't know! I thought I had a strong grip til I found this place and was quite humbled! Glad I did though,it's home to me!!



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Congrats to you, my friend!!  Now on to the #3!!  :)


How close are ya on the #3??  What's your routine?

For some reason, I wasn't that excited about the #2.  When I closed it, it was like... "Oh hey, I did it".  

It wasn't anything like that when I finally closed that darned #3 - it was like I landed on the moon!!  I was VERY happy!!!

Train hard for the #3.  It's a whole new ballgame now!!!

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Sir Snott,

I am currently doing this routine for grip,


3x8,3x8 negs - Hardy Handshake

3x8,3x8 negs - plate loaded machine

3x5 warm ups T

3x5 #1


3x5 negs #1

1x5 #2


same as Mon

I do my regular work out on Mon and Fri in addition to grip, I am now using regular bar for DL's and C&P as I was overtraining grip. How's it look?



I am still working on the right grip program,keep in mind that I am not going all out on this as left middle finger still aches a bit!

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Change your routine.  Concentrate more on the negatives.  :)

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