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Strength To Move Ratio:


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Here is a hypothetical situation for pulling: What moves would you suggest for the following ratios of strength:

All examples are my actual training partners, myself included.

Person A: 5'9 192 lb

Bench: 335

BB Row: 315 x 3

DB strict curl Curl: 50 x 8

DB Table curl: 75 x 25 reps

Table top BB wrist curl: 245

BW Chin ups: 27

Max chin ups: 125 #

Military Press: 225 #

Grip: Best Crush, Best finger tip, best pain tolerance

Person B: 6'2 245 lb

Bench: 405 x 2

BB row: 315 x 6

DB strict curl: 70 x 6

DB table curl: 100 x 3

Table top BB wrist curl: ???

BW chins: 20

Max Chin up: 90 x 6

Military press: 225 x 6

Grip: Best Support

Person C: 5'9 195 lb

Bench: 315

BB Row: 225 x 7

DB Strict curl: 50 x 6

Table top curl: 80 x 4

Dumbell wrist curl: 45's x 40 reps

BW Chins ?

Max Chin: 90

Person D: 5'9 185

Bench: 255

BB Row: 185 x 8

DB Strict curl: 30's x 6

Table Curls: 60 x 4

Table top wrist curl: 205

Chin ups: 15

Max Chin up: ???

Best levering power, best open hand strength, best thumb strength,


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Mystery Dude:

Person E: 6'7 270#

Bench: ????????

BB Row: 185 x 12

EZ Bar Preacher curl: 155 x 4

Wrist Curl: ?????

Chin ups: 6 ?

Military press: 185 x 8

Damn Big Hands, mystery grip, claims a HG 400 No Set, NEEDS straps to DL 570.

And here is the big question:

What move selon-vous should person A use against person, B, C, D, E

What should B use against A, C, D, E


I have been meaning to post this somewhere for a LONG time so, do not be offended if I post it on other boards even after any much anticipated replies.

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Intersiting reply, doesnt answer my question, you SHOULD put your money on him however you would also be losing your money in the end.

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the lifts and weight you posted does not mean that the guy lifting the heaver weight will beat the lighter lifting guys i suggest that you match up two against two winner taking on the fith guy and then the second runner up then in the excitement of the match you will see what moves work best and work on them . then you will see what is the weak link and fix it

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I am pretty sure a lot of those lifts have just about nothing to do with armwrestling.....also I would have no idea who would win outta any of you based on the information you have given. I would have to pull all of you to know what your weaknesses are.

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