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Powerplant Pics


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im guessing at least 125 or more someone might know how to measure from volume im not that smart :(

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From the article:

"These are solid steel balls about a foot in diameter! "

That means the radius is 6 inches.

From my old college physics book:

volume = (4/3)PiR^3

plug in the numbers

V = (4/3)(3.14)(6*6*6)

V = 904.32 cubic inches

My old physics book lists the density of steel as 7.8 g/cubic centimeter. I suppose different types of steel might vary a little but this should be close enough for our purposes. So we need to convert cc to ci.

7.8 g/cc ((2.54cm/1in)^3) = 127.8 g/ci

Now let's convert the grams to pounds

127.8 g/ci (1 lb/454 g) = 0.281 lb/ci

So now that we know the volume and density, let's multiply:

(904.32 ci)(0.281 lb/ci) = 254 lbs

So each steel ball weighs 254 lbs. The first question is, does this answer make sense? Because I've done similar calculations in the past I can say that this sounds about right.

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