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What Dimencion Blue Equals A Red


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what size blue is equal to a red? or if you dont know what does it take to bend a 4.5 blue? just wondering, thanks guys

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According to some measurements, a 4.5" blue nail takes as much force as a red. However, it is easier to exert force on a shorter piece of metal than a longer one.

In actuality, a 4.5" blue falls just short of a 6" Grade 5, and a great deal off of a red nail.

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gottcha iam gonna go get some grade 5's now

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Stranger I have bent the smaller bars while on my journey to battle with the Red Nail which I have been blessed to slay in 15 seconds. I want to let you see the short stuff I am kinda known for bending. This message with pics to view isn't so much to stroke my ego but to show you that short IM Blues, 1/4" FBBCs or even a 4.5" Grade 5s doesn't equal a Red Nail or FBBC Bastard Bar by far in my opinion which I draw from my experience of bending each of these I have listed.

This is not to discourage you in the least, in fact it is to encourage you and not let you set yourself for a let down of any kind. I say this with sincerity as I thought early on that if I could bend these little bars then this equaled the big bars and I was on the edge of bending those. I was in for a shock as these little pieces of steel came up short when I tried the 7"x 1/4" Square and 7"x5/16" round bars.

4” Blue (Day 87 of Bending)


FBBC 1/4" x 4.5" BAR


4.5” Grade 5 (Day 94 of Bending)


Stranger if certification on the Red Nail or FBBC Bastard is your ultimate bending goal then I recommend staying focused on the 6”to 7” range.

Just my opinion but you need to do what is best for you. I personally like the shorter stuff but that was more for fun PRs rather than a training regiment for conquering the Red and Bastard.

Keep us posted on you PRs my fellow bending buddy. :rock


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