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Hermann Goerner


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Goerner was born on this day in 1891, and not very many

folks born before or after him have impacted grip strength

to the degree he has.

Frankly, some of his feats make a body wonder: Van Diggelen,

his unabashed promoter vs the testimony of one of the Saxon

brothers who saw Goerner fail in trying to duplicate his claimed

lifts at the time. More study is needed to draw a conclusion.

Anyway, people in South Africa enjoyed Goerner's strength

tours on five occasions: 1922-1924, 1924-1926, 1929-1931,

1935-1936, and 1937-1938. At least some of these tours were

with Pagel's Circus.

He spent time as a prisoner of war, and after that John Dawe

measured Goerner's forearm in 1949 at 14-1/8 (age 59), and

his wrist at 8.25" and that was after a couple years spent in

war camps.

For some reason I cannot explain, it strikes me that he and

Norbert Schemansky would enjoy each other's company,

chatting about strength.

In some feats of grip strength he may have been supreme.

It was on June 29, 1956 that he finally left us.

At any rate, a tip of the hat today to one of the great strength athletes of the past who would fare well, if not win, certain grip events today.

Any Grip Hall of Fame must include him.

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Isn't it amazing how many of the Grip Greats were born in the month of April?  :)

Goerner, Saxon, Sybersnott..... oops, did I include myself??  :D  :p

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Thank you, thank you.... it's not easy being as humble as I am!  :p  :p

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