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Gripper Negatives

Adam Black

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Acknowledging that everyone's abilities and growth rates differ.

Typically how many negatives are required to stimulate gains? Is it only worthwhile if one works a blistering 50 set routine? Or can is it reasonable to say that I should expect some progress from doing fewer sets?


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I would like to ask you:  how long have you been grip training?

Negatives IMHO are not for beginners.  And they don't work for everybody.  

So you're thinking of doing a "blistering 50 set routine"?  What are you, insane??  Do you enjoy pain?  Do that routine, and you'll have lots of it!!!  :p

"Crawl before you can walk, walk before you can run".  Ease into the negatives at first.  You might feel discomfort the day after your routine - do them slowly and just a few reps.  Don't "blast" away yet!  Take your time and find out if they work.  You want to jump off the cliff without looking first.  Don't do that, please.  Grip training should be fun.  There are enough painful things in life to endure; grip training shouldn't be one of them (and of course, we are talking about beginner's entering grip training).  Good Luck!!  :)

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I would have to agree with snott on this one.

I just started doing crazy negatives.  My knuckles have been so sore, I am constantly rubbing Icy Hot and Bengay into them.  Heck, I even bust it out in class and put it on my hands :D !

They (negatives) are better off not done right at first.  If anything, they will most likely scare you away from grip training.

And yes, grip training is fun.  But I think squatting till I puke is fun also so I may have a warped sense of a "good time" :D .

I, for one, like the shooting pain up my forearms, my fingers locked in the grip position and having to physically straighten them up with my other hand,  the blood from the cut up thumbs and scrapes from the knurling.  I personally believe to reach the highest level, you have to like the pain.

Rick Walker :hehe  :crazy

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Guest hands4god

does there realy have to be blood and pain involved to be a grip master? i notice alot of folks sayig how there hands hurt so bad and that they bleed and stretch. i have not gone through any of this. of course my strength feats rite now are pinching two 25"s and closing the #2. but closing the #3 and other stuff that you all do, does there realy have to be all the unessesary pain and blood?  dont we want to build our grip, and not damage it for future use?

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I am a firm believer that if you want to be good at something, Elite at something, you have to have sacrafice.

Yes, I could wrap tape around the handles, I could train less intensly, I could go easier.  But, only one man in the world has closed the #4 COC, and take a look at how he trained.  Bloody fingers, sore wrists, sore hands, etc.

He trained like his life was on the line-every time he trained.  This is going to cause some major discomfort.  Joe Kinney was on to something-and he had something upstairs that most people don't.

So, do I think it is neccesary?  That all depends on your goals.  I want to close the #4 before I am 28.  

And remember "Pain is weakness leaving the body! :D

Rick Walker :hehe

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Sybersnott, to answer your question, I have been working my grip for about 6 months. I feel I had strong hands to start with. I was able to close my IM #2 for a few reps the first day I got it. I have gleaned from the board that not all grippers are the same. But can't tell you much about it except that it's single stamped.

Anyway, I can close the #2 for 2-3 reps with my left and 10 or so with my right hand. I recently added pinch gripping to my workouts and have to admit that I am hooked from the start. Although I have yet to get a pair of 25's I anticipate doing so by the end of the summer.

My reason for mentioning the 50's was I read that JK did monster sets like that. Currently I am doing 4-6 sets of negatives.

Rick, I am a 20 rep squatter myself. And I love the pain!  :crazy

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