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Old barbell


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Last year when I was given an antique barbell I decided

to make it into a dumbell. Globes 10" in diameter weigh 49

pounds each. I spent a couple of hours today trying to get

the nuts off the ends of the bar. Impact wrench, pipe wrenches. Nothing. So I got out the Sawzall and spent a long time sawing. The ends of the bar inside the globes were threaded! I assume so small globes could be placed onto the

shaft and then nutted down?

Anyway I got the end nuts off, and now must decide what

to do with the globes. One idea is to have an Inch size handle

milled, and then add shot as needed. Each globe is marked is

raised lettering '150'. But the whole barbell weighed just 116,

so someone must have removed the shot.

Another idea is to make two kettlebells.

Also thought of simply filling one globe full and using it as

a lifting 'stone'.

Anyone have any other ideas for me?

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If it only weighs 116, put a 3 3/4 inch handle on it & call it the Roark challenge dumbell! Have lighter ones around that you could lift & pretend it's the heavy one.  :)

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The globes appear to be cast iron, and the globe wall

thickness is about 5/8" .

I had a Roark Challenge dumbell. Had a 2" handle, was

machined, welded, beautifully put together by a friend who

made it. The challenge was to curl it one handed from a

dead hang and then put it overhead. Weighed 108 lbs.

I gave it to Kim Wood and he was explaining to someone

what the challenge was- in the meantime the man curled

it and put it overhead!

One of the former U of Illinois football players could not

clean it with one hand. I had the bell at work and people would say "Have Glen try it- he could do it". Then I would

say, "Well, no, he tried, but he couldn't". Glen came to see

me one day and asked 'Are you telling people that I can't

lift that dumbell?" I replied, 'Only if they ask." Then I pointed

to the bell and said 'There it is, lift it, and I'll change my story!".

He walked away.

I like the idea of a challenge bell. Maybe the Inch 130 lb replica?

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Roark, a challenge dumbell is a good idea. If they were mine I would put a 21/2 inch handle on them. machine a 1 inch hole into each end of the handle an inch deep. Take a 1 inch all-thread rod and insert the rods into the handle and have a good flat weld put on the rod and handle. Nut the globes back on and there you go! (That is if the holes in the globes are 1 inch)

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I like that idea!  The "Roark Challenge Dumbbell".  Excellent!!  :p

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strongmen from all around the world will be beating down your door to try and hoist and object you've put overhead hundreds of times  :D  ;)

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