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Tetting "plus" Grippers

Rick Browne

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I called Tetting yesterday to see what he has been up to. Actually the following

info is an update to a post made by Matt Van Weele some time back.

Tetting is ready to produce his "Plus" grippers. What he means by this is, he

is producing grippers in between all the strengths already on the market. These

tweeners will cover all levels of his grippers from the Beginner to the Pro.

For example; the BB Master will have a BB Master+, which will fall in between

the Master and Super Master. The Super Master+ will fall in between the

Super Master and Grand Master. So on and So on.

He had to make Jigs for all these new levels. His phone # is in the FAQ if you

happen to be interested and want more information. Cost $25 plus mailing.

Tetting said they are ready to go.

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This could be a WIN - WIN situation for Warren and us Grispters!

Collectors just when you thought you had them all - here comes some more. :laugh

Thanks for sharing the news zcor.

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Now that is usefull!! Any names for the inbetween grippers?

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That is a lot of tweeners.

Mr. Tetting needs a website I say.

I have been talking that same thing to Warren for over 3 yrs. Don`t believe it

is going to happen. We are dealing with an Oldtimer. :)

I even think his phone is still a rotary style. :)

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Now that is usefull!! Any names for the inbetween grippers?

Yes my northern monkey - in the original post. If I get any I may call them what I like - Selma for example :flame

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Ok, now I really like the Tetting grippers (probably more than IM even). I have all the BB so far, and will probably get the new ones someday. But here comes my question, when is enough, enough? I am pretty sure I wouldnt even be able to tell an SM, SM+, and a GM (for example), from each other. I mean that would be somewhere in the 240-260-280 range-----can we really tell the difference in grippers that closely. I mean what if you have a hard SM and an easy SM+? (I am well aware of the "GRIPPERS VARY" theory also). The SM+ could end up EASIER than the SM. (man, this is getting confusing!)I am just playing devils advocate, as I have the most respect for Mr. Tetting----and please I am just posing a question, thoughts anyone? (please re-read the 2nd line in my post :D ----I am sure I will end up buying them anyway, eventually!) Mike

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2) enough is when I shut the CoC 4

With both left and right hand? :D

Edited by Martin_Arildsson
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