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Hand size


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Bud Jeffries was kind enough to supply his hand size:

Palm width 4.25"

Hand length 8" (tip of middle finger to first wrist 'line')

Middle finger length 3.5"

Palm Length 4.5"

I also asked him to let me know before the deadline at Iron

History of what his best one handed deadlift with his replica

is at that point, and how long he can hold it off the floor.

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My palm width is 4", hand length is just over 7, with a palm of just over 4" and middle finger of 3". People often comment on how small my hands are, just wondering if this is about the normal size of the hands of someone 5'10".

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length: 7.5 in

palm width: 3.5in (did I measure that right? I went from the bottom of my thumb to the other side)

middle finger length: 3.25in

palm length: 4.25in

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whoa, i've found my hand twin.  cage, you're measurements are the exact same as mine

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What I have seen is:

Goerner 8.25 x 4.4 (length/width)

Saxon 9 x 4.7

Apollon 9 x 4.7

Cyr  7.75 x 4.24

Carnera 9 x 5

Von Boeckman 7.8 x 3.8

OldGuy 8.8 x 4.5

AnimalCage 7.75 x 3.75

Underdawg 7.75 x 3.75

Nathan Say 7.5 x 3.5

No1halfie  7 x 4

Bud Jeffries 8 x 4.25

Roark 7.75 x 3.75

Jeff Roark 7.6 x 4

( figure 1/8" equals 12.5, so 5/8= 6.25 rounded off to 6 )

But I have seen conflicting reports about Goerner/Saxon.

With one of the Saxons acknowledging that they all had

large hands, but Goerner's was even larger.

Have never seen a hand measurement for Marx, though

several descriptions of his hands indicate they were huge.

One wonders what would have happened if Carnera tried to fit

his palm into the Inch bell, because 5" does indeed seem too wide, even allowing for the flexible 'fleshy' sides of the palm.

By the way, when measuring the palm, measure about midway

along the length of the palm, avoiding the fleshy part at the

base of the thumb. Also, a steel tape is better because it will

not 'sag' into your palm as a cloth tape will- both my measurements are 1/4" greater when I used a cloth tape and

it sagged into the cup of my palm. Of course if someone else is

measuring you and can keep the tape taut, then no problem.

I find the same problem when measuring my abs- the cloth tape sags into all those deep abdominal crevices and my waistline measures about 50"...let me dream...

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Is it true that Phil Phister has 11 inch hands?  If so that explains a lot of how he does so well in the grip related events like farmers walk etc.  I'm not saying that's the only reason, but those large hands I'm sure do help a lot.  I mean, therotically, if your hands were REALLY large, gigantic, picking up the blob woudn't not nearly be as big a feet for someone with a much smaller hand.  Same goes for thick handeled dumbells.  What do you guys think?

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Pfister has an 11" hand spread- that is, when he 'flares' his

hand as open as possible, then the distance from the tip of his

little finger to the tip of his thumb is 11". His hand length is

somewhere in my files, and I'll retrieve it and add it to the list as soon as I find it.

Found it: Pfister's hand length is 9".

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looking around the internet I found that Andre The Giant had 16 inch hands and 11 inch wrists. In an old Sports Illustrated article (now on the net) there are many references to his great physical strength and that he could "easily pass a silver dollar through his ring".

for hand size see:


ring vs silver dollar see:


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Hand length = 8.25"

Tip of Pinky to tip of thumb = 9"

Palm width = 4"

middle finger length = 3.25"

Rick Walker :hehe

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Those measurements are about right.  Hand span was 10".

We measured wrist and forearm size yesterday.  Mine were:

wrist 8 1/4"

forearm 13"

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measurements are in inches

hand length - 7.25

length of middle finger - 3

hand width - 3.75

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Hand Length = 8,27"

Palm Width   = 4,33"

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